WEST VIRGINIA Tax Forms and Instructions
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West Virginia State Mandate Practitioners who prepared over 100 West Virginia personal income tax returns and will be using tax preparation software, must file all of their West Virginia return electronically.

WEST VIRGINIA Tax Forms and Instructions Information
Online Credit Card Payments
  • Offical Payments
    Or call 1-800-2PAY-TAX (Offical payments charges a nominal fee for this service)(Use Jurisdiction Code 2000 for Individual and Jurisdiction Code 2006 for Business Taxes)
Mailing Addresses
  • Return Mailing Address:
    WV State Tax Department
    PO Box 1071
    Charleston, WV 25324-1071

  • Return Mailing Address without Refund:
    WV State Tax Department
    PO Box 3694
    Charleston, WV 25336-3694

  • Estimates Mailing Address:
    WV State Tax Department - Tax Account Administration Division
    PO Box 11751
    Charleston, WV 25339-1751

  • Amended Return Mailing Address:

  • Extension Mailing Address:
    If you obtain an extension of time to file your federal income tax return, you are automatically allowed the same extension of time to file your West Virginia income tax return. Enter on your West Virginia return the date to which the federal extension was granted. If a federal extension was granted electronically, write Federal Extension Granted and the confirmation number at the top of the West Virginia return. Enter the extended due date in the appropriate box. A copy of Federal Schedule 4868 must be enclosed with your return. If you need an extension of time for West Virginia purposes but not for federal purposes, or if you expect to owe tax to West Virginia, you must submit a completed West Virginia Application for Extension of Time to File (Schedule L) and pay any tax expected to be due. See page 26 for additional instructions.

  • Electronic Filing:
    West Virginia only accepts Resident returns electronically. They can be transmitted with the Federal return or transmitted as a State only return.
Federal Tax Information