MICHIGAN Tax Forms and Instructions
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Michigan State Mandate Preparers completing 11 or more personal income tax returns are required to e-file all eligible returns that are supported by their software. Preparers are also required to e-file all eligible single business tax returns that are supported by their software. Software developers are required to support e-file for all eligible forms that are included in their tax preparation software. Michigan accepts the federal signature and does not require any additional signature documentation. If the taxpayer chooses to complete Form MI-8453, Michigan Individual Income Tax Declaration for e-file, the preparer should retain the form for six years.

MICHIGAN Tax Forms and Instructions Information
  • Michigan Individual Income Tax Forms
    A Complete List of Current and Previous Year Individual Income Tax Forms

  • Michigan Individual Income Tax Instructions
    Overview of Individual Income Tax Information. Contains Links and References

  • Michigan Refund Status
    Check the Staut of Your Current Year's Refund Online

  • Michigan Contact Information
    Contact Information- Automated Information Service 1-800-827-4000 Tele-Help: For prerecorded information about income tax and tax credit topics, dial 1-800-827-4000 and press option 1. See below for a complete list of topics. While most questions can be answered by the Automated Information Service, you may speak with one of our customer service representatives from 8:00 a.m. to 4:45 p.m., Monday through Friday, by calling 1-800-827-4000.

Online Credit Card Payments
  • Offical Payments
    Or call 1-800-2PAY-TAX (Offical payments charges a nominal fee for this service)(Use Jurisdiction Code 2000 for Individual and Jurisdiction Code 2006 for Business Taxes)
Mailing Addresses
  • Return Mailing Address:
    Michigan Department of Treasury
    Lansing, MI 48956

  • Return Mailing Address without Refund:
    Michigan Department of Treasury
    Lansing, MI 48929

  • Estimates Mailing Address:
    Michigan Department of Treasury
    P.O. Box 30774
    Lansing, MI 48909-8274

  • Amended Return Mailing Address:
    Michigan Department of Treasury
    Lansing, MI 48956

  • Extension Mailing Address:
    You may file Form 4 or a copy of your federal extension. An extension of time to file the federal return automatically extends the due date of the Michigan return to the new federal due date. If you have not been granted a federal extension, the Michigan Department of Treasury (Treasury) will grant a 180-day extension. Do not file this form if a refund is expected or if you are not submitting payment with this form. If at the time the extension is filed, it is determined additional Michigan tax is due, send the amount due and a completed Michigan extension application or a copy of your federal extension form. Extension requests received without payment on the account will not be honored and penalty and interest will accrue on the unpaid tax from the original due date of the return. Do not attach a copy of the federal extension with Form 4. If you e-filed Form MI-1040, retain a copy of the extension form for your records

    Michigan Department of Treasury
    PO Box 30774
    Lansing, MI 48909-8274

  • Electronic Filing:
    The Michigan e-file program: ? Supports federal/state (piggyback) filing and state-only filing through the Federal/State Electronic Filing Program (MeF). ? Allows electronic filing of part-year and nonresident returns. Exclusions from electronic filing. Taxpayers are not eligible to e-file if: ? Filing prior year return(s) for tax year 2013 or prior. ? Filing the Amended Michigan Income Tax Return. ? Filing Schedule CR-5, Farmland Preservation Tax Credit, and the taxpayer has more than 25 agreements. ? Filing Form MI-4797, Adjustments of Gains and Losses From Sales of Business Property, with more than 16 of certain types of sales or exchanges. ? Filing Form MI-8949, Sales and Other Dispositions of Capital Assets, with more than 36 of certain types of gains or losses. ? Filing Form MI-1041, Fiduciary Income Tax Return. ? For a complete list of ineligible forms, see Michigan Publication 3015.
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